Monday, 4 June 2012

Australian National Line 1978 - 1985 (Post 8 - final)

Lake Eildon (1985)

My final engagement as a merchant seaman was to the Lake Eildon on 11th. June, 1985. Although she was only seven years old, she had been sold to new owners and was laid up at dolphins in Sydney harbour prior to us taking her to Brisbane for dry dock and handover. I left her in Brisbane on 6th. July 1985.

Lake Eildon laid up in Sydney.

Another relatively new ship, Iron Duke was only 11 years old and also laid up for disposal.

Lake Eildon, looking new again, now as QCL's Cementco. Seen here in Brisbane dry dock, just prior to embarking on her new career, it was ironic that when I took this photo, I too was leaving to also embark on a new career.


  1. Great photos, Tim. What a great record of your career at sea!

  2. Very interesting photos in all your posts, Tim.
    I enjoyed looking at them.


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